What is Nonprofit Panel?

The format of Nonprofit Panel resembles a blog; the contents resemble a magazine. If we are completely honest, we, ourselves, are not even sure what it is :). We don’t like labels, we like challenges. What we do know for sure is that we will not do nor always be the same. The point of all of this is to learn, test, evolve and make mistakes.

Our way of being, our way of writing, our methods or the contents themselves will not go unnoticed, simply because if there are people that need to raise funds for any cause, the best way to reach those objectives is to attract society’s attention.

nonprofit panel

Differences aside, Isaac Newton was considered dangerous because he acted against the dogmas of his time but those laws of physics that he defended are the same that took man to the Moon, to discover light, colour, and even gravity. Galileo Galilei stated that planets spun around the Sun. This statement led him to lifetime imprisonment. Charles Darwin created and defended the law of the evolution of species; it was a scandal. In this way, we could continue mentioning many other people like, Albert Einstein, Ignaz Semmelweis, Thomas Südhof, Nicolaus Copernicus…

All of them provide inspiration and motivation to fight for what we believe in and achieve a more just society. The current progress of society and technology allows us to reach out to any place in the world. Technology itself, as well as information, could be useful for people who wish to raise funds.

This is why where are going to share ideas, news and information for fundraising, tips of marketing, technology, best recomrendations for to manage organizations… The Nonprofit Panel team is composed of professionals of the fundraising world, marketers, journalists…, as well as anonymous people that just want to help other people.

If you would like to be a part of this team, you can contact us through the contact form or simply contribute by sharing your ideas or experience through “Open Fundraising”.