The Best Fundraising Consultants

So you have a lot of fundraising to do and you’ve realised that you are going to need more than just a side of the road lemonade stand. In fact, you are going to need professional help. It’s time to hire a fundraising consultant. Now we know it sounds counter-productive to spend money on a consultant when you are trying to raise money. But sometimes you have to spend a bit of money to make money, especially when you need to raise large sums. Luckily fundraising consultants understand that your primary objective is to raise funds without too much financial outlay.

Finding consultants

If you are in the market for a professional fundraising consultant there are certain things you should look out for:

What to look for in a fundraising consultant

A Good Track Record
Nothing beats a good reference. You are going to be trusting this person to help you make money and it’s going to cost you money to employ their services, so you have to make sure they are the real deal. Ask to see some projects they’ve worked on before. Ask them what they have worked on that is similar to your project. If your group has strong core values make sure that the consultant has worked with these values before and is familiar with them.

Non Profit Solutions

How Confident are they? The chances are that someone who looks fearful and uncertain isn’t going to know what you need. Rather go for a consultant who has not only worked with causes like yours before, they also have a plan of action, ideas and confidence in their plan.

Ask for Contactable References

It’s not enough for a consultant to say that they’ve done a lot of relevant work, they need to be able to give you references who you can call up and talk to. This is a good way to find out what the consultant is really like. Are they goal orientated? Did they meet their goals before? If not, why?

Are they Compatible with your Company?

This is something you will have to get a feel for when you meet them. Basically it boils down to weather or not you like each other enough to work together. If you don’t trust the consultant’s opinion it’s not going to work out.

Do they believe in your cause? They can be as professional as they come but if the consultant doesn’t believe in your cause it is less likely to succeed.

The Top recommended Fundraising consultants in the US

Nothing beats getting the best guys for the job on your team. The following are a list of trusted fundraising consultants in the US. We have no affiliation to any of the below-mentioned organisations.

Shoe String Agency

This Company was built specifically for non-profit organisations. Shoe string offers a full-service agency package which has been known to win awards. They have been in the game for fifteen years and have a great track record. Shoestring are national leaders in non-profit marketing communications and are dedicated to providing creative, practical and affordable solutions which are specially created to meet the challenges and requirements that face non-profit organisations. They are accustomed to working with small “shoestring” budgets and won’t turn away small clients.

Bright Vine Solutions

Bright Vine has worked successfully with an array of well-known non-profit organisations who stand for all kinds of causes. They offer a full package including Software implementation, Business Process improvement, performance testing, staff augmentation, information and data management services and much more.  Bright vine is built on solid core values. They care about building relationships and delivering value so are probably a good choice if you want a long term relationship with your consultants.

Bright Vine solutions

Brian Hasset

Brian Hasset has been a fundraising consultant for over thirty years. He has worked with all kinds of organisations of all shapes and sizes. He specializes in strategic planning, marketing, leadership and fundraising. He has raised more than $800 million in his career!

Find out more about what Brian does here:

Donor Scape

DonorScape® offers a suite of prospect analysis services. Their team has over fifty years of collective experience of working with fundraising best practices, research, and analysis at top tier non-profit institutions. They are great if you have a fairly large non-profit organisation and are willing to commit to working hand in hand with them for a while. Their services include Prospect research and analysis, marketing and operations, and leadership and development.

Convergent NonProfit Solutions

Convergent Non-profit solutions offer a scalable fundraising solution, which means that they are able to accommodate projects of almost all sizes. From small to large Convergent will adjust to suit your organisation’s needs. Their technique fits in with modern philanthrotopic environment, and marketplace demands and they believe in a face – to – face approach. They provide a comprehensive campaign management service, taking care of the day to day details of your campaign so that you can focus on the work your organisation does.

Campbell and Company

Last but not least we have Campbell and Company. Campbell’s moto is to collaborate and innovate with people who change lives through philanthropic vision and action. They are passionate about making a difference by helping non-profits to raise money. They have a proven track record with decades of fundraising experience and expertise. Campbell and Company is suitable for a variety of jobs and work with companies of all different sizes. They offer a full service package to you and can be as involved in the process as you want them to be.

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