Five Fast Ways to Raise Money

So you need to raise some money. Maybe you need to raise capital to start your own small business, or maybe you just need to raise some funds to help you get your debt down to a manageable level.

Maybe you really need to get your car serviced or maybe you just need a bit of help getting through the month every month. Luckily for you we have some great ideas on how to raise money with minimum start-up capital. Just read these five foolproof money making ideas and see which of them most appeals to you.

Ways to raise money – Recycling

House Sitting and Pet Sitting (and babysitting)

If you’re a reputable character who’s good with children you can advertise your services as a babysitter. If you are less into looking after other people’s kids but don’t mind leaving home in the evenings, have good character references and are relatively responsible then consider house and pet sitting.

House sitting can be a treat in disguise if you still live with your parents (or extended family or roommates) and you enjoy the occasional break from them. You also have the added plus that often when you house sit people will leave food in their fridge for you while you stay in their home.
If they have pets that need feeding and walking you can charge more – and good pet lovers will be more than happy to pay you properly if they feel their animals are being left with someone who will love them like their own.

All you have to do is advertise in your local paper and on your community Social Media Channels. If you know someone who can give you a good reference ask their permission to give their contact details to potential clients.

The best part about house sitting and pet sitting is that it requires zero capital to get started and your own expenses are less while you stay in someone else’s house using their amenities.

How to raise money – pet sitting

Have a Social Media Sale

You have probably considered having a garage sale, but maybe you don’t have space for one. Or maybe you have a couple of things you could sell but not enough for a whole yard sale. Don’t fret, you can still sell your unwanted goodies.

Take a look around your home and find anything that you don’t use anymore – from clothing to Tupperware and everything in between. Give it a good clean and then use your phone to take a photo of it. Make sure you are wary of what’s behind your sale items in the picture. It’s a good idea to hang a sheet as a backdrop for your photos. A good photo makes all the difference.

Next you have to find your community Face Book page and join it. If there isn’t a second-hand sales page in your community you can create one yourself. It’s free and easy. Then invite everyone you know to join, and get them to invite everyone they know. All you have to do is post pictures of your for sale items with a price and a description. A well populated second hand sales page will sell your stuff really fast. The best part is you don’t have to sit around at a sale waiting for passersby. You just arrange a collection point and time with your buyers and watch your stuff disappear!.

How to set up a Facebook community page:



Recycling is not only a great way to make extra money, it’s also helping the environment. Find out where your local recycling station is. They will pay by weight for sorted recycling. Make it a mission to collect all your recyclable glass, tin and paper. It’s easier than you think. You can ask your friends and co-workers to help you collect too. Then you just have to sort it into categories (plastic, paper, tin and glass) and make sure that it’s clean. Deliver to your local recycling plant and get paid for trash!.

Get Crafty

If you have a craft or hobby that you’re really good at you can use it to help you make money. Maybe you have a family recipe for Marmalade or a pattern for Christmas socks that you can sew. Or perhaps you are really good at knitting special teddy bears or even baking cupcakes. Whatever it that you’re good at there are probably lots of people out there who would love to enjoy your skills. You can advertise, take orders and sell your special goodies any time that you need to make an bit of cash to tide you over.

You don’t have to commit to doing this as your staple income – just use it to help you along. The chances are that if you took the time to get good at something it’s probably because you enjoy doing it – so making a bit of extra money this way could even be fun for you.

Once you make a bit of a name for yourself you will have people calling you up top ask for more. Again you can use Social Media sites like Facebook to sell your wares or you can advertise in your local paper or on your neighborhood notice board.

The important thing to remember is consistency. Your small side-line business is only as good as your reputation. The moment you let someone down it’s all over.

Free Lance Moonlighting

Do you have a professional skill that you can peddle through a freelance site? Use it! Even if you just have really great spelling and grammar skills you can sell your services as a proofreader. You would be amazed at how much you are actually capable of.

Virtual Assistants are very popular too. The great thing about being one is that you can find people in other time zones who need your help, which means that if all you have is a laptop and two hours every evening you can still sell that time.

There are plenty of great web sites to help you set up a profile and connect with clients. Take a look at UpWork  and FreeLancer for professional jobs. If you have other saleable skills that aren’t fitting for a professional site then you should take a look at fiver . There are people doing everything from writing personalized love songs for your spouse to designing posters, taking photos of random things and pretty much anything you can imagine. For more info follow the links below.

Ways to make money – Freelance

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