Fundraising Event Ideas

Quick, Smart and Effective! Learn about top fundraising event ideas

A non-profit event can be a big success if the there is both fun and encouragement. They are also crucial for improving relationship with the donors and engaging with them in a better way Fundraising event ideas are now a necessity for many institutions for the purpose of raising funds.. You cannot make success out of dull fundraiser or expect participation without proper engagement. So, always make sure that the best ideas to plan a fundraising event come from innovation, simplicity, encouragement and a good dose of entertainment. All this has to be done in accordance to the taste of your donors.

Selling books for charity is a smart one among fundraising event ideas.

The key  is to relax and not get too bogged down by  the pressure. You just have to apply the above formula in whichever order you prefer for opening the sesame of amazing fundraiser event ideas. Still, if you feel stuck about the direction, this article will guide you in the right way. Just take a look at the top fundraising event ideas:

Car washing fundraiser

People love to get their cars washed clean and clear. The sound and look of a clean car is a delight of a car owner. You must have watched movies in which schools organize car washing events for raising funds. Well, this is a true idea. Just get the right materials and a bunch of volunteers, book a central place and organize your cash washing fundraiser. An additional tip: Organize this event on a weekend for better profits.

Organizing a book sale

Books are never out of fashion. No matter how old they get, they are always fashionable even in this era of e-Books. There will be people in your neighborhood willing to sell books and there will be people willing to buy them. You can collect books from your friends, families and neighbors by telling them about  your fundraising event.
You can then sell these books on the fundraising day at affordable rates. In this way, you will both promote your event and get the funds you need for your noble cause.

Donut Fundraiser

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In this busy world, quick breakfast is what people need. So, if you provide yummy, quick and affordable breakfast at the morning’s busy hour then you will be able to raise huge funds. This fundraiser is the easiest of most fundraising event ideas. You don’t have to work hard at all.  You can use traditional ways of promoting a fundraiser like texting your friends, relatives and neighbors informing them about the donut fundraiser day.

You can also do it non-traditionally by  simply putting a stall outside a busy shop in the morning. Selling donuts is not at all a hard task you can use Krispy Kreme fundraising for raising dough. It works like a charm. They provide pre-selling form to help you get an idea of approximate amount of funds you will be able to raise.  They also provide an option of selling their 12 oz signature coffee, you can pair it up with the donuts and get a generous amount for your charity.

Golf fundraiser

This fundraiser works best during the weekends.  Get a few golf sets and  send out invitations via texts, emails and even through social media about your fundraiser event. This idea will become an instant hit with the adults. Organize competitions and charge a participation fee.  Let the winner walk away with a fundraiser certificate. This will encourage participation for your next fundraising event.

Quick Fundraising Event Ideas

Krispy Kreme fundraiser gift certificates

This event can be organized anywhere. You can organize this event in your lawn. Just let your friends and neighbors know about it.
Krispy Kreme fundraiser certificates are easy to sell. Include them in fundraising event ideas.All you have to do is to print out a fundraising form from the Krispy Kreme website and fill it. Then just go to a local Krispy Kreme shop and show them the form. They will give you the Krispy Kreme fundraiser gift certificates as per your order.  You can earn around 50 to 60 percent profit on raising funds by selling their gift certificates. The best part about this fundraiser is that it can be done as per your convenience and without any hassle. This is another really cool one among fundraising event ideas.

Campus Talent Contest

This will need some permissions and acceptance from your university. Once this is done then you can  start with the promotional material. It will be easy as you can promote this fundraising event in your campus itself. You can also put up this event ad on your university’s website, facebook page, twitter profile etc. Sell the event tickets and take fee for participation.

Organizing Happy Hour

Team up with a local bar  which is popular with  young people. The idea is hosting a happy hour for your friends. This idea will work best with an age group of 18-25 years and you can easily raise funds. Make sure to keep this event on a weekend, especially on a Saturday. Check with the bar for getting food and drinks at discounted rates. Sell tickets for this event using social media, flyers, texts, local radio and pure mouth publicity. Don’t forget to pre-sell as it will give you a clear idea about how many people will be coming to your event. It will also give you an estimation of the funds you would be raising. In this way, you can decide whether you want any extra punch or not. In both ways, you will be able to raise enough funds for your charity.

Happy Hours can be happy for all. Fundraising event ideas can be tasty and fun

Selling Krispy Kreme Value Cards

Krispy Kreme gives many options for fundraising. We have already discussed a few and now this is another one of the simplest fundraising event ideas. This can be done in church, neighborhood, bus, train or your university campus or even at your office. This targets almost all age groups so keep in mind that this fundraising event is not limited to your friends or relatives alone. Krispy Kreme value cards are really easy to sell. Value cards offer convenience of claiming donuts whenever the purchaser wants. So, this makes them really convenient for both the seller and buyer. You can sell as many value cards as you want and they too, offer a whopping 50-60 percent profit.

Raising funds can be really fun. You just have to turn 360 degrees around and think of simple and easy fundraising event ideas. Remember, best ideas are always smart, quick and affordable!.

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