Non-Profit Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising can be a daunting task. This is true especially when you have very complicated fundraising ideas. Complicated ideas are hard to follow and can generate little or no income. Non-profit organizations or groups cannot afford to have lukewarm fundraisers. They need to get highly profitable non-profit fundraising ideas. The thing that most of the people ignore is simplest ideas can generate biggest profits. Fundraising ideas can be found anywhere and without the need of excessive raw material or hard-work. However, people tend to look at complex and complicated ideas and this is where things go wrong. Complicated ideas can turn off participants which can be the biggest drawback.

Time-bound fundraising event ideas targeting children are a hit.

You have to follow the ideas that click with your audience or participants. For example, if you are raising funds for a school then target children. Children will come along with their parents. Use games, fun or entertainment for fundraising. If you are targeting youth, then use talent contests. Ideas will have to be as per the participants and not as per you. Remember, you will have to think what works for the donors and not what works for you. This does not mean that you should put yourself in trouble or inconvenience. It simply means accepting win-win non-profit fundraising ideas to make your fundraiser a hit.

I have listed some of the best ideas and tricks to make your charity event a huge success. Take a look:

  1. Local Musical Concert:

This is the kind of charity that works with most people. If you have youngsters in your locality then this would be the best idea. You can even promote this event in your university or among your friends. All you have to do is pre-sell this event tickets on your facebook page or via website. This event will become an instant hit.

It is a fun and profitable idea to have a rock concert for charity.

You will be able to pay the local band and also get huge funds for charity.

  1. Krispy Kreme Fundraising

This is something I came to know about when I attended my friend’s fundraiser. She had organized Krispy Kreme donut fundraiser and I really liked the idea. Her fundraiser was totally flooded with donors. The biggest reason were the little kids who had come there with their parents and friends. I was lucky to get a few donut boxes for myself and family. She was selling each donut for $1 and had ordered around 4 dozen donuts assuming the crowd. But still there were little ones and their parents who were left without the donuts. She assured them of next fundraiser. I was surprised. Then after having a discussion with her she told me that Krispy Kreme fundraising has multiple options and is an extremely easy way to raise funds. She told me that if I didn’t have time to organize a stall or could not manage to handle the donuts then I could go for Krispy Kreme fundraising gift certificates which were easy to sell.

People can redeem these certificates for donuts at their preferred time. Next are Krispy Kreme fundraiser value cards which also work in the same fashion. Since, I love coffee and most of my friends also do she suggested that I should go for their signature coffee fundraising method. She also told me that coffee and donuts can be sold at a single fundraising event. I personally liked this idea as Krispy Kreme shops are all over the country and that is because of their popularity. So, among most non-profit fundraising ideas I find this one to be a piece of cake or should I say, piece of dough!

  1. Organizing a Fashion Show and Sale:

This is one is really a fantastic fundraising idea.

A fashion show for charity is a fashionable and popular idea.

This will work if you have lots of women and pre-teen, teenage or young 20 something girls in your neighborhood. This idea almost never fails. First and foremost, make an announcement that you are having a fashion show and sale for charity in your neighborhood. This can be done through mouth publicity, flyers, social media and almost through any inexpensive or free method. Ask people to donate clothes and select the best ones to go for the fashion show. You can also ask the donors to wear their dresses and walk the ramp. Set a price for each dress and sell the event tickets. You can earn profit by both selling the dress and also through the event tickets. Also, it is more than likely that the relatives, friends and family of the participants or models will come for the event. Therefore, even if the dresses don’t get sold which is unlikely, you will earn money through the tickets.

  1. Couple Dancing Marathon

This another one of my favorite non-profit fundraising ideas. This works with an age group of 20s, 30s, 40s and even with the oldest. All you have to do is tell your neighbors, friends, family members, relatives or almost anyone you know to join this event. The task is simple, the couple that dances till the end when no other couple is left is the winner. Charge some fee for participation and sell this event tickets as well. You can make use of social media to sell tickets and also for encouraging participation.

Non-Profit Fundraising Ideas Strategies:

  • Target children as they are prime influencers. They come with their parents, family and friends.
  • Keep events or tasks simple and entertaining. Tedious tasks or boring events are unhealthy for raising funds
  • Keep time limits. Events that go on for hours can be tiresome and inconvenient. So, organize events that are time-bound.
  • Always use pre-selling method for getting a clear idea of the profit, profit margin and popularity of the event that you are organizing.
  • Workout details but don’t keep procrastinating. It is right to workout details of the event, however, don’t stretch too far. Thinking and just thinking leads to no action.

Non-Profit Fundraising Ideas Tools:

  • Mouth publicity is the biggest tool for promoting your fundraiser. Tell everyone you know about your event.
  • Social media is another tool that will give you free publicity and easy response. Be active and use it smartly.

Hopefully, you will make use of the ideas, strategies and tools to raise profits for your next fundraising event. Do let me know!.

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