Open Fundraising & Information


What is this site for?
Through the forms you can fill out, you will be able to send fundraising ideas, information, news …. in a fast and simple way so that you may share them with the rest of the community.

Inspiration for fundraising

In this way, anyone could use the shared ideas to raise funds. It does not matter if the ideas are small, medium or big. What matters is that they can help people or organizations to gather money or to introduce your fundraising cause to the world. Here you will find ideas that you will be able to do, yourself, with different sizes and formats. Some of them include detailed instructions or will simply be explained step by step while other ideas will just have a brief summary explaining the way to collect funds.

Despite the different types of ideas and explanations, they will all have something in common they will be original and fun. All published ideas will show the author’s first and last name in the credits section of the idea, unless otherwise specified.


Not only are ideas important to raise funds, but you are also important because your experience and your opinion will help other people to raise funds. We invite you to participate in our community through our comment section on articles or simply through the contact form because your advice or constructive criticism will help us grow.

We hope to give you a good time, or at least we’ll try to. Since man does not live by ideas alone, we also expect to publish news, tools, references and resources… Ultimately, any information that we believe might contribute valuable knowledge to this community. We do this simply because it is the best way to encourage imagination and creativity to raise funds. Through practical examples, we will carry out those ideas for fundraising.

We will try new things, we will surely make mistakes with some ideas but we will persist until one works. If we are able to carry out all this with excitement and enthusiasm, it will mean that will have done a good job. We are already ready, are you?…. You can to use contact form.