How to Plan for a Successful Fundraising Dinner Event

If you are looking for a way to raise funds that does not involve soliciting money from fundraisers, hosting a dinner party is your next best solution. The concept of a dinner fundraising event is simple. Guests will buy tickets to reserve seats for the dinner party. By selling tickets, you can earn as much as 25 percent to 50 percent of your capital but at the same time guests will also enjoy good food and entertainment in return.

Why does hosting a dinner fundraising party might be the best solution right now? First, people nowadays don’t like being asked for money without getting something in return. Second, there is an approaching holiday or event which makes the dinner party definitely a good fit and profitable option. We all know that a fundraising dinner party can be difficult to organize.

Check out great tips on how to make your fundraising dinner event successful. From preparations to the end of the event, this blog gives everything you need.

A lot of people will be involved and finding for a good venue and catering will be challenging. But don’t you worry because in this article, you are going to learn the basic secrets to make a fundraising dinner party successful.

Are you ready? The following are some of the most important things you need to learn.


Gather your team and plan on how the dinner should go. The following are significant agendas that you should tackle.

  • Place – Choose an affordable yet suitable place to can host your dinner. Top hill restaurants or uptown garden resorts are great ideas if your target audience are between 30 to 50 years old. Consider the distance, ambiance, cost, and food where you plan to host your dinner.
  • Food – If the place doesn’t offer a catering service, you can check for other catering services that offer good food and a good price. Make sure that you all have the right varieties of menu so your guests can enjoy eating.
  • Budget – Find out how you can come up with a cash to cover up your event expenses and pay for the reservations. You can take out a loan, borrow from a friend or withdraw money from your savings accounts and reimburse it later when you earn your profit.
  • Numbers – Decide how many seats are you going to cater which will correspond with the number of tickets you want to sell.
  • Price – Your tickets should at least be 25 percent more than your estimated cost of the event. This 25 percent will go to your funds. You can sell it as high as 50 to 70 percent more than the original price but you need to also make sure that your dinner will totally be worth it.

Cheers to a successful fundraising dinner event. Here are some smart tips to help you raise capital while letting your guests just enjoy the night.

Designate a committee

A fundraising dinner event requires a collaboration of efforts from everyone. If you have a large team, you will have an edge in creating this kind of fundraising event.

So once everyone is gathered, split up each group to smaller committee. Let each committee focus only on a particular tasks and have their agenda. The following are some of the most important areas that you need to pay attention and maximize for the success of your fundraiser.

Invitations – Have some people to design and produce your invitation. This means that you don’t have to do everything on your own. Understand that every person in your team has an edge over a particular task and you need to determine where they are strongest at. So once you Invitations team has been gathered, let them take charge of writing invitations for the dinner. The information should include the date, time, venue, price of the event, theme if there is any and RSVP address. Always remember the following tips when creating an invitation:

  • Your choice of color and design should match your specific theme
  • Clearly state the purpose of your fundraiser and the people who will benefit from
  • Make sure that your guests know what to wear
  • Include directions if you are hosting a dinner in some places that might be so new to your guests
  • Include a program in your invitation if you have prepared a program
  • Highlight the climax of the event which can either be a popular band after dinner, disco, game night, or auction
  • Leave your contact number, email or address to allow guests to confirm if they are coming or not

Entertainment – Other than inviting popular bands, you can actually pick good singers or dancers from your team. You can solicit for star-up bands and hire them for free in exchange for the free promotion during your event.

Activities – Organize a creative team who will take charge of the activities during your dinner event. Some of the activities that you can have include casino night, bake sale, cars wash, bingo night, and raffle.


So how do you make your event popular? Almost 80 percent of your event depends on how you can make it trending. The more popular your event will be, the more people will be enticed to buy your tickets. Remember that your goal here is to raise funds for a good cause by filling in all seats in your dinner.

You can start by building Facebook or Twitter page where you can create a buzz about your event. Let your friends, families, and relatives share any posts relating to your fundraiser. Making major announcements in your organization or school will also help spread the news with a touch of some personalization. Of course, don’t forget to leverage your local radio and television.

Remember, however, that a fundraising dinner party can be very personal. So think of the people you know might be interested – they could be lovers, married couples, or friends who are in the courtship stage. You can send them personal invites via mail or through formal letters and who knows they might want to reserve seats.

Things to Remember During the Fundraising Dinner Event


Creating a unique environment helps your guests relax and just enjoy the night. So make sure that your decoration will look enticing and fascinating to the guests. For example, if your theme is Vegas casino night, you need to make your guests feel as if they are in Vegas. Your decorations can include the Vegas entranceway and the casino themed decorations with shining tables and gaudy centerpieces. You can add casino tables, disco lights, and spin-it-to-win-it game. A backdrop or a photo booth could also make a great add-on so guests will enjoy taking pictures.

Learn the simple secrets of winning your fundraising dinner event, raise your target capital, and let your guests enjoy a night to remember with these tips.


Don’t forget to facilitate the fun. If you have hired a band, make sure that the music will go on. Let your guests feel the ambiance that you are trying to convey and make the while worth.


Make sure that the food is enough for everyone. Keep every table refilled if necessary, but remember that if you have a buffet kind of dinner, you will have to pay for the excess food orders.

Expression of Gratitude

At the end of the night, do not forget to say thank you to your guests who patronized your fundraising dinner event and of course to your sponsors. There are many creative ways to say thank you to your guess though such as giving tokens and certificate of recognitions to your sponsors.

These simple gestures will be great reminders for your guests and sponsors that their efforts and contributions did not go unnoticed.

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