How to Raise $2000 through a Clothes Swap Party

Ever cleaned out your closet and think you have some clothes you don’t wear anymore? If you are involve in a fundraising event, this could be your one big solution to raise funds.I’m not saying fundraising is easy. However, if you think about how many clothes you have and you combine them with your peers, the least you can get is $2000.

This amount can pay you to feed 200 street children, supply basic commodities to 100 storm victims, or buy school stuff to 100 kids in informal education.

A Clothes Swap Party, also known as “clothes swishing” is also a great way to get rid of your old clothes in the best way possible and update your wardrobe. Just charge an entry of $5 or $10 or set a good price for every swap. Invite people and see money flowing in. Here are some guidelines on how you can make your clothes swap party successful.

Fundraising Idea Clothes Swap Party

  • Getting started. Meet your friends and choose a date for your event. The most ideal schedule should be in a month. This will give you enough time to gather clothes, prepare the place, and promote your event. 

Gather as many stuff as you can – shorts, dresses, shoes, hats, and scarves. While preparing, you should be able to get the word out about your upcoming clothes swap party. Create a page on Facebook and invite friends. You can also use your Twitter and tag people you know.  Just feel free to leverage whatever social media you have to reach out to people. Believe it or not, social media has a great deal of power in terms of promoting an event. Who knows you can even get more item donations!

In choosing a place, the one nearest to the town is the smartest choice. To save on cost, you can hold it in a friend’s house but make sure it’s not so far.

  • Managing promotions. One person should manage your event. Make sure that invitees are involved even before the event. Create discussions and ask people what they wish to see during the Clothes Swap Party. Reply to comments and messages. Post updates and pictures. Spread the excitement! 

If you are managing the event, make sure you are on your laptop or mobile phone as often as possible. Aside from doing online promotions, you can also print out fliers which you can personally give to your neighbors and friends. Of course don’t forget to use your phone – if you have a friend at the local newspaper, you can bargain for a space and have a short announcement printed.

  • After a week, your stuff should be filing. Borrow or hire a good number of hanging rails. Work where you can store your items for the mean time. If you are hosting at home, then work out where you can create a changing area and a source of full length mirrors. Collect shopping bags (recycled shopping bags can save you money and also good for the environment) for your shoppers. 

Check clothes for stains and holes. Have them stitch if possible but if the damage is too big, then you have to exclude them.  You can still include those items with minor damages but you need to inform your customers if they still want them.  All items should be freshly laundered to make them smell good.

Fundraising Idea Clothes Swap Party 2

  • Running the event. Expect the event day to be very busy. A lot of people will be coming in and fitting your clothes. Monitoring can be difficult but it’s going to be a lot of fun. To give the best experience possible it’s a smart idea to give clear guidelines on what guests can swap and what they cannot.


  • clean and good clothing and accessories
  • no underwear
  • no fungibles
  • no clothes that are too old

Setting up the place

  • Assign friends who are going to guard the entrance and exit.
  • Clean the fitting area and wipe the mirror crystal clear
  • Choose good lightings
  • Make the clothes rack arrangement attractive
  • Place the shoes all in one area
  • Dress up the mannequins if you have

Of course, don’t forget to prepare a tin jar at the entrance for your fees. Don’t let anyone slip without paying.


We all know that food offers some kind of positive vibes and it helps to put fun in the fundraising. So make sure you include snacks and drinks in your setup. Some salad skewers, brie on bread, and pretzels can make a difference in your event. Don’t forget to add some pepperoni bread and some pop corns. These are really cheap but delicious goodies you can try.

More tips

  • Turn on some good music to make the ambiance lively
  • Throw in a little twist by auctioning off your popular items
  • Have on the spot sale towards the end of the night

Fundraising Idea Clothes Swap Party 3

Ending your Clothes Swap Party

When the night comes to an end, you can expect a lot of new stuff in your possession. So keep track with the number of items you have swapped and how much you have raised. Make a tentative total of your cash so the next day you would not end up blaming each other if something is lost. Here are some things you need to remember.

  • Clean up the house
  • Keep your stuff in boxes and secure them right away
  • Make sure you unplug the appliances for safety purposes

Always remember to say “thank you” to your guests. If you are planning to host another Clothes Swap Party, it is best if you have a registry book in your entrance, so your guests can sign up. This way, you can send them thank you letters through emails and keep in touch with them.

Clothes Swap Party is definitely a whole lot of fun and a great idea for fundraising. If you or your organization is currently having some financial difficulty, this is worth a try.


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