School Fundraising Ideas

We are taking a look at some exciting, fun and effective school fundraisers to help you make money for your child’s school. If you have children in your life you will definitely find yourself involved in fundraising for a school at some point in their lives. Instead of using the same old boring lemonade stand ideas, why not try something different to raise money for school? Here are 5 ideas for school fundraisers that don’t require raffle ticket sales.

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Auction Evening

An Auction evening (or afternoon) is a great idea if you want to host a school fundraising event. Host an evening in the school hall (or community hall if you are a small school) and invite parents and their friends and families to attend. You will need to ask parents to donate prizes to be auctioned off. They don’t have to be new items, just like the items at most auctions aren’t new.  A great idea is to get the kids in each class to do a painting or drawing that can be auctioned off. These should be kept affordable as most parents will want to buy their own child’s work. Then the teaching assistants could even be convinced to donate one hour baby-sitting vouchers (in the case of young children) to be auctioned off. You will need to find a parent or teacher who is willing to be the auctioneer. You can sell beverages and food at your auction too, or make it a formal evening and sell tickets and provide cheese and wine.


This is a great way to bring in a small, constant flow of cash for your classroom. Talk to the school and parents about implementing a compulsory “bakers-man” once a week (Friday’s work well). This works particularly well in schools with fewer than 30 children per register class.

Each child has a turn once a year to provide “bakers-man” for the rest of the class. This could be anything from a cookie to a cupcake for each child. All the other children have to bring in a set amount each week, maybe a dollar or two, and “buy” their treat. The proceeds all go into the class fundraising jar. Because you are only asking each family to provide only 30 treats only once a year this is usually a well-received fundraiser.

Every kindergarten and pre-school I have ever sent my kids to has had a compulsory “bakers-man” on Fridays and no-one has ever complained. If a parent doesn’t want their child to take part they can always come and talk to the teacher about it.

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Music Trivia evening

One of the best fun school fundraisers I have ever attended was a Music Trivia evening. Tickets were sold per table of six to eight people. The school organised a PA system and someone volunteered as Master of ceremonies. What you do is play snippets of well-known music but don’t allow the singing to start. Play ten songs per round. Each team has one answer sheet that they have to fill in with the name of the songs and artists. Teams should discuss the correct answers amongst themselves, but they have to be quick because they only have thirty seconds between songs.

Each round should have a theme like “classic films”, “Ladies of the eighties” or spilt them up however you want to.  After each round tables swap answer sheets and mark each-others sheets. At the end of all the rounds the winning teams receive a cake as their prize to share out as they like. The cakes could be donated by parents too.

Those who attend the evening should bring their own picnic baskets and drinks to enjoy through the evening, or you could sell them dinner too.

Spring Day carnival

A winning fundraising idea is to have an annual carnival day. Make each class responsible for a different game, activity or sale. Great ideas are a pancake stand (older kids), a beverage stand, tombolas and games tables. Each class needs their own area to work from. If you have an indoor area you can even include a haunted house! Sell tickets for the different activities and games at a central ticket table.

For younger kids hiring a jumping castle is always a big hit. Make sure you have parents donating prizes for your games well in advance. You can also approach your local stores and stationers, most of them will be happy to make a donation of prizes.

If you usually do a raffle at your school every year then the carnival is a great place to have the lucky draw!

School fundraising Idea "Carnival day"

Candy and Tupperware sales

If you prefer a less eventful fundraiser then consider doing a sales drive. There are a lot of companies who are willing to sell their good through schools and other charities and give a portion of the profits to your school.

Typically you would have a sales drive for a week or two when kids will take home sales forms to sell to their neighbourhood. You can also advertise in your local papers and in your Social Media channels to let people know that you have a sales drive happening.

Good options to consider are:

Tupperware fundraisers: Tupperware has been around for a long time and it’s a good quality, well trusted product that everyone needs. Tupperware have a special range of products that are only available through fundraisers, making them even more tempting to your supporters. A good idea is to contact them and find out exactly how to set up your fundraiser through them.


Candy Fundraisers:

So many people can’t resist something sweet! Why not use that sweet tooth to help you fundraise for your child’s school? There are a lot of chocolate and candy companies who offer fundraising sales to schools, including Hershies and World’s finest Chocolate. Contact them online and they will guide you through their fundraising process, their special fundraising products and anything else you need to know about raising money with candy.

Whatever your style, however big or small your child’s school is, there is a great fundraising opportunity waiting for you today. If you get stuck just ask yourself this question: What kind of event would you yourself like to attend? What do you like to spend money on? Those are the things you need to be doing for your fundraisers!.



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