A Smart Guide for a Successful Charity Fun Run

Ever heard of organizations hosting a charity fun run?. Hosting a marathon is definitely one of the best fundraising event ideas that also allows people to have a good time.

For first timers, it is normal to encounter difficulties especially in organizing and training for the event. A lot of people will be involved while you will struggle in planning for a realistic exercise regime to resist the pull of the pub.

The secret to a successful marathon is first known its basics. So before meeting your team, here are some things you need to learn about organizing a marathon.

Gather people to join your charity fun run, raise funds, and finance your community projects with these handy guidelines

Organize your team

Dividing your team in groups makes the distribution of tasks easier and faster. Appoint team leaders for every group and solid members who you think will stay active throughout the preparation period and the event.

Marketing team – look for sponsors and donors who can finance your charity fun run; take care of the promotions for your marathon; and take photos before and after the events for documentation and create buzz in social media.

Leg workers – run errands for the team such as obtaining and following up permits and printing of shirts for the participants.

Logistics – see to it that the number of people joining the event are monitored. Their tasks focuses on statistics, documentations, and making sure that every person gets his or her fair share of the event.

Treasurers – collect money from the registration or serve as repositories of money coming from sponsors; make preliminary determination of the total money earned from the event less expenses.

Auditors – review the money collected before and after the fundraising activity and make sure every single coin is accounted for; confirm the calculation of the treasurers regarding the income or determine the source of deficit if the total money falls short of the expected income.

Usherettes and communications team – communicate calls, messages, and emails from people who are interested to join; serve as the main point of contact who will answer queries and relay to the team other important communications relating to the event; welcome visitors during the event and take charge of the registration.

Food committee – take care of the food for the whole team during the event.

These tips will help you tackle all the hassles of organizing a charity fun run, from organizing, inviting sponsors, and gathering people to join your event.

Location. Location. Location.

Determining your routes in one of the major concerns of your marathon. The place basically plays a major role in making your fun run the best fundraising event in history. Popular places where most of the big charity fun run are usually held entice more people than other locations. If all places are taken, you need to have back up dates and alternative places. Here are some considerations in deciding for the location.

  • Carefully measure the route where your runners will be going
  • Disclose in the covered distance of your marathon in your ads (5 km, 10 km, or 20 km)
  • Be attentive to obstacles, challenges, or hazards along the course


Secure the necessary permits required by local authorities and pay the necessary fees. Don’t forget to tap public utilities and the local police for safety. For example, you should have enough number of ambulance parked in significant corners of the course which can immediately respond to emergency. Expect to keep get in contact with the department of public works, recreation department, and property owners.

Develop a Budget

Creating a budget for your charity fun run also includes a plan on how you can raise funds. Calculate how much money you need for the race. Things like free t-shirts for the runners, prizes, and other expenditures for food must be taken into consideration. The following are some ways on how you can raise funds.

Sponsorship – Gather sponsors for your events. They can be your former teacher, politician, or former marathon winners who have hearts for fundraising activities. You can have as many sponsors as you can until the event date.

Registration – You can ask for a registration fee for the interested runners. Divide the cost of your registration, for example, 50 percent of it will cover the cost of the event and the other half will go to your funds.

Donations – Don’t be afraid to ask donations from friends, families, and relatives. In exchange for donations, you can give them recognitions or free shirts after the marathon.

Great strategies on how to organize a charity fun run, market the event, and increase the number of people going to your marathon.

Key Tips to Promote your Charity Fun Run

Get your event well known to gather more people. The more people you invite, the higher the chance for your marathon to become successful. Here are some tips on how you can promote your event.

  • Create online awareness. Invite people through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Send your friends private message or create a page where everyone can follow for updates, and see enticing ads. Post in local running club media pages and invite people.
  • Go where runners go. Put up flyers and posters in target locations where runners might be such as in gyms, fitness centers, and shops. Ask property owners along busy running routes if they can put a banner or flier. Don’t forget tap your friends, neighbors, family, and your organization (if you are running a marathon for your organization).
  • Partner with popular teams. Tapping with famous organizations such as an association of trekkers, bikers, or runners would be an effective way to engage active participants. These people will also help you connect with other enthusiast and make your event even bigger and more influential.
  • Publish ads in local newspapers. Although this is already very traditional, it is still very effective considering the number of people who still read local newspapers.
  • Create a YouTube channel. Create teasers or short video promotions of your videos and upload in your YouTube channel. As you know, YouTube has the capability of letting your video seen by thousands of people in your location for free.

Once everything is set up, all you need to do is get excited with the as you wait. With this simple guideline, you can be more confident with your planned charity fun run. Now feel free to list it as one of the best fundraising events in your organizer

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