Unique Fund Raising Ideas For Your Charity

Thinking of fundraising? Then your mind must be working in several directions. Fundraising can be a tedious task. More tedious  is the task of finding unique fund raising ideas. These are the most mind boggling of all. You don’t really understand where to start. Believe me, this was the same issue for me when I got into fundraising. First, it was for a local church charity.  I was confused about the right fundraising idea since the previous one had failed miserably.

I had to think of something that would be quick, easy and profitable.  After some thinking it struck to me that most of the time, the fund raisers that work best are related to food. Of course, it has to be a food item loved by all.  It happened so that after doing a lot of brainstorming, I was too tired and went to the nearby Krispy Kreme shop.  I ordered a dozen glazed donuts and coffee. As I was about to take leave, I saw a man who had come there to collect the fundraiser donuts. It was the “EUREKA” moment for me. How did this idea not get into my mind?

Get hot with unique fundraising ideas

Effective and Unique Fund Raising Ideas

Krispy Kreme shops are everywhere across the country. They are also spread across Europe and Asia. How could I not think of this amazing fundraising idea? I immediately went back and inquired about the Krispy Kreme fundraising program and was totally surprised.

It was much better than my expectations. I had thought that it would be a good method to earn some money for charity. However, it turned out to be the easiest and most profitable method. Among most unique fund raising ideas, I had come across, this seemed to be the most useful.

Krispy Kreme offers an impressive 50-60% profit margin with their fundraising products.

Savor your taste and your charity, Krispy Kreme fundraising ideas

They also offer 4 methods of raising funds. Yes, each method is unique in it’s own way.

You just have to follow some basic rules. These are some short simple steps towards your fundraiser success. Keep in mind, this fundraiser method is anything but boring, time-consuming and profitless. You will enjoy every step and earn mega-profits for your charity if you follow the steps perfectly:

Following The Steps of Unique Fund Raising Ideas

Chalking out the plan : First pre-sell,  inform your community about the fundraiser. Tell your friends, family and people you know about the fundraiser. Count the approximate number of people who are most likely to attend your fundraiser. Order boxes in little more numbers than required. This will help counter any extra rush. Maintain a sheet and take down every single detail so that you are not confused on the donut day.

Use mouth publicity:

No publicity is better than mouth publicity. Inform all the little ones in your neighbourhood and/or connected to your social network. Little ones will be the easiest target for a “donut fundraiser” they are most likely to bring with them their friends and parents. Parents can usually never say no to their kids and especially, when they will be getting  donuts at affordable rates in their neighborhood they will give consent. Pre-sell Pre-sell and Pre-sell: This is most recommended of all unique fund raising ideas. Pre-selling Krispy Kreme products is extremely easy as they provide a pre-selling form online. You can download the form and get going. The form will allow you to gauge exact number of donuts you need to order in order to make the Krispy Kreme fundraiser a success.  In this way, you will avoid wasting any boxes of donuts and even your money. You can also gauge the amount of profit you will be making.

Another benefit of pre-selling is that you will avoid a lot of paperwork and wastage of time.

Send out invitations:

Just like you send out wedding , baby-shower or any family function invitations via your mobile or email, send your Krispy Kreme fundraiser invitations. There are many reasons for using this fund raising idea. The first one is knowing how much success your fundraiser can be. Try to target the nearest friends and families first and you can move from there.  The number of responses will tell you the amount of sales you can generate. A method to concretize the sales, is by pre-selling.  In this way, you will know how many friends are actually turning up and buying your donuts. You can also avoid unnecessary rush on the fundraiser day.

Using social media:

Nowadays, social media has become the cheapest alternative for local businessmen. It is even a better alternative for fund raising. You can just set up a facebook page and get a  shop section or add a call now button added to it to pre-sell your donuts. You can promote your facebook page by asking your friends, neighbors and family to visit it.  You can make use of your twitter profile by starting a Krispy Kreme Fundraiser hashtag with some catchy lines like “buy yummy donuts, help the needy”.  You can ask your followers to retweet or favorite your tweet. You can also engage with them. Engage with your friends, neighbors and family on twitter and promote your hashtag.

Selling Krispy Kreme Fundraising products on the go:

This looks like a odd fundraising idea. But believe me, it works. This can be done with the help of your few friends. When you are travelling with your friends on a regular day, it can be turned into a fundraiser day.

Earn money and good will with smart unique fundraising ideas

You can sell your friends Krispy Kreme fundraising gift certificates or value cards. These are extremely convenient as you will not have to take care of donut boxes.  Carry more cards or certificates so that if you get more orders while travelling from other passengers, you will not face any problem.

You can think of many unique fund raising ideas, but one thing can be sure that with Krispy Kreme you will only profit.  You can relax and with a happy heart enjoy the success. So, have a nice time working for your favorite charity!


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