Yankee Candles for your Fundraiser

Today we have a really great idea for your next fundraiser, candle fundraising! We found that Yankee candles offer amazing deals for Non- Profit Organizations and charities. Candle fundraising with Yankee candles means that your supporters are getting a stylish, high quality product, that smells wonderful.

Yankee Image Summer Wish Range

Another bonus is that your cause gets to be associated with a trusted brand. This can help your reputation and you’ll be earning a whopping 40% of the profits you generate! We love how easy they make everything for you, too. Even a first time fund raiser will easily be able to navigate their user-friendly online service. If you get stuck there is dedicated support to help you with the whole process, too.

Why Choose Fundraiser Candles?

Why choose Candles? One of the major factors that often puts people off supporting fundraising drives is the fact that so often the products on offer are of poor quality. Because NPO’s don’t usually have that much capital to lay down and need to turn a good profit, they often make the mistake of selling poor quality, cheap products. The result is that you make less money and you and your charity might get associated with a bad product. That means less support for you.

Luckily Yankee Candles will make your supporters happy – because they smell amazing, they’re beautiful and people will think about how relaxed and happy they make them every time they see your charity! Yankee Candles are also competitively priced, so your buyers will feel good knowing they are getting a good price.When you choose Yankee Candles your buyers know that they are buying a well-loved, high quality candle that’s a treat to the senses. Candles are timeless and classy, too. They come in so many different flavors and designs that there is bound to be something to suit everyone’s taste.

We also think Candle Fundraising is great if you want to avoid the delicate issues surrounding special diets, allergies and food debates. It can be a bit of a gamble selling edible products, but Yankee candle fundraisers can be supported by anyone.

Who can use Yankee candles?

Because they are available in so many different, true to life scents, and so many different colors, Yankee candles are very versatile. You can choose candles to relax you, set the mood for a romatic evening, or just make a room smell nice. Maybe you have someone who’s not feeling well at home and their room could use some soothing, fresh smells? Or perhaps you just want to unwind yourself. If you don’t know what someone would like you could always buy them a gift voucher and let them choose.

What this all means is that they can be used for fundraising regardless of your target market’s cultural background, race, gender or age group. So you can safely use Yankee candles to raise funds for any charity or NPO.

Yankee Image Jars full of Fragrance

When can you fundraise with Yankee Candles?

Yankee candles offer two main selling seasons. Namely, the spring selling season (January to June) and the fall selling season (August to December). Each sale season has its own special range of candles to order. The recommended sales method is to open for sales for around two weeks before placing your bulk order. But don’t worry! Late orders will still be processed as long as you have a fundraiser open for the current selling season.

To make raising money even easier for you, Candle fundraising orders have no minimum quantity. So you can keep placing orders even if you only want one candle!

Fundraising with Support

If you really want to sell a quality product for your fundraiser but are feeling daunted by the idea of dealing with complicated order forms then Yankee candles can help you. Yankee fundraising candles have a dedicated client service team who will help you to get your fundraising set up. They will even check other fundraisers in your area and try to help you not to clash with anyone. They will also coach you on how to use your Yankee candle fundraising order form until you know exactly what you’re doing.

Once your orders have been placed your dedicated client service provider at Yankee candles will ensure that you orders are individually packed up, clearly marked with the name of the purchaser, and shipped to you or your specified billing address.

Sell Yankee candles from Home

Another great thing about using Yankee Candles for your fundraiser is that you can fundraise from home! You don’t have to set up side of the road “lemonade” stores or walk around with flyers (though you can if you want to).  Thanks to the user friendly system everything can be done online. You can set up your fundraiser, advertise it and reach out to your community for support all from home. You can place orders online, make payments and organize shipping of the products that you order for your buyers, all from the comfort of your own home. All you need is the internet!.

Yankee Image Range of Glass Lamps

The Process: How do you fundraise with Yankee Candles?

What we really like about this product as a fundraiser, aside from the quality and price, is the process. Yankee candles has made it so easy to use their services that even a first time fund raiser will be able to do it without any hassles.

All you have to do is visit the Yankee Candles Fundraising Website and register your Non-Profit organization. Then a dedicated client service representative will call you or get in touch via e-mail to help you set up your campaign. They provide you with a hashtag for buyers to use when they want to support you, and talk you through the whole process.

Then it’s up to you to let your community know about your project. Advertise in your local newspaper, on your Social Media channels and through anyone who may be able to help you. If you are fundraising for a school you can get the kids to take home information on the sale to their families. If it’s for a welfare or organization you can ask volunteers and involved members to help you get the word out.

Once people know about your project they can either fill in the sales forms you will be provided with or they can order directly online using your reference hashtag when they place their order to make sure your Non-profit organization get 40% of the sales profits.

Yankee candles smell so great. Every season they come out with new ranges, new aromas and new designs. So even if you have used them before there will be something new every sale season. It’s so easy and so profitable! Thanks Yankee Candles, We look forward to placing our orders with you!


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